No more breathe. Rest in peace.

Apple of my eyes: no sight, no direction

It is painful, always painful when the one who joined hands in building the bricks of your life as a little child, up to the age of a young adult passes away to the other side of the world to be heard and seen no more. I don't know how this pain truly feels directly on the biological side of life but from the relative side of things I know the agony and sorrow that befalls one.

Today I woke up to the terrible news that an active member in Blockchain Africa community lost her mom. For a sec, my sun turned to black, my mood switch to sadness. I was heavy in heart. I wasn't expecting this type of news to happen during this period of time, when things are sweet and bitter in the country.

To lose someone this close will not only leave sorrows and swollen eyes but it creates a shackle that ties one down to that room of deep fond memories that only one have access to. The lingerie and remembrance will be on high concentration that will always trigger agonizing tears in strong and weak times.

In moments like this, it will take time for the reality to sink in the brain, to settle down and get accepted. I hope all the painful phase come and go quickly for the bereft. So that the strength to carry on prevails the lasting pain and sorrow. One thing I know "The deeper the love that existed, the deeper the agony". — hey my friend, I am sending you all the strength and comfort you will ever need to stay strong.

May your mom's soul rest in peace

Much love,

image not mine, image was cuelled from my whatsapp status

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28.09.2019 01:47

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28.09.2019 02:01

I sure know one or two things about that line. It is never easy losing someone who has been part of your life, all your life. It is never easy but God always step in. I pray that God will console the family.

28.09.2019 11:17

It is never easy big bros. That moment death snatches away a love one.
And yea... Amen to that 🙏🏻

02.10.2019 16:20