No home at home

He knows he is a slave now
Only he wakes up early when
The sun is dark in the night,
A time the alarm of awakening
Is a slap, heavy as iron steel

He knows it's time to work tirelessly
To sweep, wash and clean,
Hard chores that pursues his
Teen age like a cunning hyena,
It devours him with hardship

If things go wrong or spoilt
His name is always the culprit
Of destruction on all lying lips
No one gives a damn about his explanation
Nothing he says justifies him of innocence

His body a bed for horsewhip
Whip that chastise unfairly
That spank with cruelty
An animal for punishment
Dehumanizied in affliction

It was a six year holiday
In the den of wickedness —
To relatives that act like slave masters
With no love, care nor kindness
Just sorrowful maltreatment.

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23.07.2019 12:38

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23.07.2019 12:42

Wow! No doubt, this is deep. A home should be a safe haven but for most, it is a place of torture. A home like a den, where cubs are being raised rather than humans.
Well done, brother.

23.07.2019 16:56

Life is bitter sweet... This event is just one of it. Thanks for always stopping by. I will reciprocate soon 🤗

24.07.2019 18:15

No doubt about doubt at all. They shape us into better humans. Always a pleasure, my brother.

24.07.2019 20:19

Yes... They do 🤗

27.07.2019 13:22


27.07.2019 14:32