Man is blessed from within without doubts


I just love how the universe puts things in place when my thoughts desires a thing. I've been wondering if it's only me or it's a general thing people experience globally. I've learnt by experience on how the position of my thoughts attracts what I want. Right from my teens, my little notes to events on things I desired are still fresh in my head. I remember how I wanted understanding in an area in Maths and after series of hardwork, study and help from my peers, I grasped what was difficult to comprehend in between the arithmetic and formulas. Also I remember when I was ill. It was puberty and the new growth of my body structure doing it's thing. I remember how I positioned my mind to jump out of that sick phase in three days time and it just happened.

Last year during the month of November, my mom was caught unawares by an infection from the incompetence of a nurse and right from that moment I began to position my mind, imaginatively seeing my mother healed and without financial issues to cover the proper treatment. Trust me, things were just falling in line during her treatment. Anytime things got complicated, there was never a failure of an angel to remedy the situation. I am just thankful she keeps getting better and not worse. She's now in the healing phase, she's out of danger and just waiting for nature to do it's skin restoration.

Also I keep positioning my mind to be in readiness for money making opportunities. In the past few weeks or so.... The crypto market has been experiencing the green arrows which is good, I got a writing job for a community in digital currency but different from steem. My job there will kickstart soon immediately everything needed for publishing is set up. Recently, few working class people keep posting on their timeline job vacancies opened for internships and fresh graduates. Exciting.

As for me all I know is that every time I position my mind to desire and want, the universe just aligns itself to make it happen. T'is beautiful. Man is truly blessed from within without doubts.

Thanks for reading.

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10.02.2020 20:01

I am currently living a dream I had in 1998 before even my favourite girl had passed away. I was 15. And I remember the dream was conceived in Jan.

Two decades of wanting something and getting it. It happens to everyone I believe. And with everyone I mean even those who harbour negative thoughts. They come to life too. So it's good that yours are positive ones.

Congratulations on getting a job :)

10.02.2020 20:18

Sorry about the passing away of your favourite girl. Regarding living your dream... like they say “as a man thinketh so is he” — wanting and acquiring are gifts existing the domains of all humans. Either positive or negative. You get what you think!!!

Thanks for congratulating me 🙏

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

11.02.2020 10:33

“as a man thinketh so is he”


All the best.

11.02.2020 13:49