If you want peace, prepare for war.


A wise man has rightly said, if you want peace, prepare for war. In every continent populated with people right now, there is no country that's not aware of the global emergency of covid-19. The global pandemic caused by the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China has put so many endeavors on a standstill.

People are timid, the spread is ruthless. The rich have the financial edge, the poor depend on hope and resources they have saved for rainy days. Some are unlucky and are infected, some are dead, the health sector is working tirelessly. The government is busy. Some assume this a sign of end time - the world coming to an end. Our Global economy is in a mess.

Also, regular public points are on lockdown; Travel airlines, Churches, Mosques, Schools, Business centers, Public and Private industries, International trades. People are advised to stay indoors to curb the virus. Since, the infectious math is simple: No mobility, No spread.

People are falling back to social media to gather comfort in this isolating time, some don't have anything to do rather to stay with their family and walk about only in the four corners of their wall - it feels like a cage to them. Their daily lifestyle feels impeded with an inevitable change. Normally, you see them travel to different destinations, you see them shopping week in week out, you see them party every friday night in a club. You see them in different tourism sites. They are not a fan of the remote lifestyle; having to retire in one place. It is not in their to-do list nor nature because they are adventurous.


Well, some people are happy to utilize the opportunity of social distancing, or staying at home. Some haven't been able to father or mother their children properly due to their busy schedules. Now the kids are seeing absent faces take care of them once again. Covid-19 continues to keep the whole world on their toes and nothing matters again, people just want to breathe and be in the now. The experience thus far confirms why health is wealth. Since the virus is better said than experienced.

People in different social media platforms are sharing their experience of the effect of this pandemic. Not many have good news in them. Today I was in an online community where two crypto enthusiasts were engaging each other about the environmental and economic, individual effect of the virus crisis. I read the message and felt I should share it here. We are all humans after all.

Below is how life is right now in one corner of Brooklyn, in the USA.

> “Inhales

> Nonessential businesses and people out and about shut down at 8pm tomorrow, streets are quiet minus violence and I'm seeing/hearing all kinds of songbirds you normally only get out in the burbs. Otherwise it's a siren bonanza.

> Went for a walk around the block today to get some air and saw people sleeping on park benches, very few people making an effort to create 6 feet of space as we passed on the sidewalk, some people using the adult monkey bar/workout set up in our local park. Saw 5 people on a balcony bbqing and drinking. Lots of offers to help at risk folks with groceries and errands on NextDoor.

> That being said, tensions are high, price gouging is real: $40 for a roll of TP at a bodega a few days ago; the city is cracking down on that. There was a fight at Rite Aid today over goods. Audible gunshots nearly every night since last week and stabbings/ knife fights/bottle attacks, parked cars flipped and a break in just in the 5 block radius around my apartment. My Citizen app goes off at least 4-5 times a day. Cops are handling it kinda, but not well. Most people here are paycheck to paycheck, no healthcare or are on Medicaid, and deep in debt, and while mortgages are frozen in NYS (read: landlords will be fine) no word on rent freeze and it's contributing to the tension. I've seen a lot of people with suitcases on my block lately. I hear the hospital near me is at capacity; NYU students have moved out of their dorms so it can be used as overflow for the NYU medical systems.

> A few businesses around here have shuttered permanently, number growing; a nightclub I worked at has not only permanently closed but can't pay us for work we already did. My last shift tuesday before last was eerie, about 50 people total over the entire night, at one point singing Purple Rain together. Felt apocalyptic. Also was supposed to train as a poll worker this last week; canceled but without an online/remote/video training option. Very concerned about upcoming elections.

> Otherwise neighborhood is typical NYC. Smiles, solidarity, enjoying the spring weather, shouted encouragements and howyoudoin's from stoops. People are rocked but Brooklyn always bounces back.”

In my area, schools and religious centers, public gatherings of all sorts are on lockdown. Power outage is overwhelming and now on a frustrating level, standard of living is on a rise, nothing is certain. People are on their knees more than ever, offering supplements and prayers to God. Peace is not an easy thing to attain, it requires war to achieve this feat. Therefore, a miraculous vaccine is all we hope for.

Wherever you may be out there, stay safe my dear friends, everything will soon become a distant memory, we are together in this fight, this too shall pass away. Good days ahead, stay positive.

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