I get jealous when the people I want as friends don't want me.


This is a door I would like to open on the blockchain for users who journey to and fro in the social media crypto space. This door is something that's common in the life of people online and also in the life of people offline. Some prefer to keep it shut, they prefer it unopened because the chamber behind the threshold figuratively has nothing good but darkness, monsters, chains, demons, horror etc. A door linked to jealousy will always stimulate diverse incident of controversy, malice, grudge, argument, hate, aggression, conflict, commotion, regrets, discord, unfriendliness, gossip and disloyalty. This is true because a cruel jealousy changes negatively the initial health of a friendly relationship in the making or bond to sickness. That's a better way to put it, "cruel" — 'cause it's not all jealousy that leads to chaos, some instigate motivation , inspiration and healthy rivalry.

Response to jealousy

For some, jealousy doesn't bring out the paradise in them, all it ever does is to unleash the hell in them. That's when the shadow behind their well known image in character becomes variant. People usually see an eagle in their character but once envy is negatively let loose, what scares the naked eye is a vulture scavenging here and there. But the reverse is the case for others. When jealousy sets in, they take cognizance of it, they dialogue with their self within, they make decisions on how to use the negativity to produce results. Also, the incident that influences the state of jealousy may be petty, it may be embarrassing, it may be degrading, it may be disgraceful but no matter the outcome they somehow develop a "response" powerful enough to utilize the envy to fuel a part of them that's lacking.

My experience on the topic

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To buttress the thoughts that opened the door of this post. "Do I get jealous when those I want as friends, don't want me?" — There will always be diverse opinion or answers to this question. Anyways, In this question you will notice that jealousy is not generalized but it is specific and can't be generalized logically .

To answer the question, It will be fun to be expressive here, to share my personal experience. Let me reflect a bit to the year 2018. Here I go; I remember in a community I joined newly, I tried to infuse myself in the community-way; which is to chat, attend shows on radio, interact on the chain with one another and to always register my presence to a degree of acknowledgement. Along the way I tried to create a circle of friends there, there were people who I desperately wanted as friends because of one or two of the following reasons:

  • Their maturity.
  • Their use of words.
  • Their friendliness
  • Thier sense of humour.
  • Their voice.
  • Their attracting presence
  • Their gender.
  • Their influence.
  • Their generosity.
  • Their simplicity.
  • Their honesty
  • Their ability to help etc.

But we all know the drill, given all these qualities that showed signs of a healthy friendly relationship to dive in, it didn't work out. The more I tried to make that friendship lock itself in the most naturally way the more they liked someone else and to crack the shell of pain, they gave more attention and hand of friendship to people who joined the community newly after me. Well, in an ugly way I got jealous, there was this hurt inside I couldn't describe it. I said to myself maybe I didn't have what it takes to be that friend yet. I said to myself maybe the country I hail from is that unseen obstacle. I said to myself maybe they are picky with the type of people they accept into their circle. I said to myself maybe they are the type of people that are introvertic. I said to myself maybe it's because I'm not rich. I said a lot things and didn't rule the possibility of any reason being the fault of a stillbirth friendship.

What did I do?

I slowed down my chase in trying so hard to be their friend. I filtered the negativity, I tried my possible best to add value to myself and lastly I earned relevance in other communities we were common in; I was either a curator/senior member/ or knew someone powerful that renders community support. Given the failed attempts, all I did was just to improve on myself. Please note, I wasn't doing all these to impress that friend that was proving difficult to mingle with. No, I was doing it for the sake of me, existing like a cord that's easy to entangle with in the community. As I did one or two of the following I noticed a slight change in that area of my life and it ended with a smile.

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