Growing in neoxian city tribe

Growth is essential in all facet of life, to me it's a fruit that shows that progress has crept in. I love growing in whatever I do, it gives me this pleasure that stagnacy can never have a place.

In the crypto space the best time to plant a seed and grow is when a project is new or very much in it early stages. If one joins when infancy period is over, one may struggle and find it challenging to plant their seed. Figuratively, that's why I take seriously blockchain fields with rich fertility and friendly layers that surface in the early hours of the day.

In the tribe frontend of things

23,434 neoxian power - woohoo

It's a huge privilege for me to have been an early bird of the neoxian city tribe. From an airdrop amount of 9,500 neoxag (all powered up), I have grown to over 23,300 neoxag power. I'm so happy right now because I believe I have always been at the right place, at the right time since April 2018 last year.

I have grown immensely in the neoxian power stakeholder list and I can assuredly tell you all that I will be hosting my 2,500 neoxian power delegation contest soon after the target of the initial stake I had in mind was reached. I have envisioned this giveaway from the onset neoxian city became a steem SCOT tribe.


I do most of my neoxag curation from my alternate account @fire-ag — right now my udezee account mana is under the contingent rule of a trail that has been instrumental to my daily earnings (rule says mana must not go below 90% or else I get kicked out of the trail). Limiting my steem account from voting the way it should.

That aside, just glad that my neoxag stake keeps growing, I value every neoxag token I accumulate, they are precious to me. LOL. Between it's a pleasure to scream with a loud shout that I am a dolphin on neoxian city tribe... Hurray!!!!


The Tribe of Neoxian
Neoxian City - A New Scot Tribe On the Steem Blockchain neox-silver.gif
The Monetary Policy of Neoxian
Introducing NEOXAG Bid Bot Sink !! Delegate Steem Power and Earn NEOXAG Each and Every day + Passive profit for Upvote buyers
The Tribe Of Neoxian Airdrop Reports & Future Airdrops
LowCard Game - First Steem-Engine Token Based Discord Game Bot BY NEOXIAN CITY TRIBE

That's all for today, I am inviting you to visit our city: Click on this icon to enter 👉 imageedit_25_4507760003.gif Though some used to call it Discord channel , but we(citizens) call it our city.


concept by @zaku
cover image by @camiloferrua


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