Fours keys in my mind.


In my quiet time today in an unusual moment, something special illuminated my mind. Yes something special... allow me to tell you what it was and how I felt; in the dark and lonely street as I walked home to retire from my daily endeavours, right where I was deep down within me I said to the heavens “Why am I here?” and shockingly to me I got a reply that left a smile on the cheek of my heart, it said “You are here because you have a life to God, You have a life to yourself, You have a life to your family and lastly you have a life to the world” - fascinating.

Anyone who doesn't know why he or she is in this world is just wasting his or her time away. I know why I am here but I felt like having that untimely inner discussion again in the limitless world of my mind. There are days when I know I am the one replying my inner questions but today's own was different. It felt like my life had four keys that unlocks four different doors. I felt elated within because that strange reply illuminated greatly my reasons and purpose on why I am here.

Thanks for reading.

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03.07.2019 22:57

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03.07.2019 23:06

Light and love upon you!

04.07.2019 19:32

Thank you 😊

04.07.2019 19:44