Death took away the dreamer and left the dreams hanging


You had big dreams while on earth

A career of an engineer right after birth

Everyday was a step closer in good health

Because long life was hidden in length

You always followed the path without dirt

What kept you going was your mom's strength

You promised you will conquer the world, no matter the depth

That a winner resided in your big dreams spacious with breadth

But sadly, I saw you laid in a hearse on the tenth

Hands all over your numb body, so cold, can't hear your breath,

Why leave so soon in a month your breakthrough crawled out of mode stealth?

A tragedy, the dreamer has left this cruel world caused by the cold hands of death

Unborn dreams, painful, everybody crying against the grave in the earth.


My thoughts

My best friend just lost a close friend, fondly known in the streets. It is painful, it hurts. I hurt also. Life is short. Big dreams, big promises, none fulfilled. Why do we even live to die? We do people sleep in six feet with hair colour still black or blonde? Why do the grey and wrinkle skin age hide from the youth who die suddenly? It hurts as our hearts fall to the floor. My best friend and I are stlll in shock, still in disbelief. Why so soon? Tragic.

Rest in peace brother, you will be greatly missed but the cruel cold world won't hurt you again.

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