A thousand flies on a broom can't do any harm


One of the African proverb that I draw strength from in this trying times is one that put lots of smile on my face. The proverb goes thus

“A thousand flies on a broom can't do any harm”

This is to say that no matter circumstances or challenges, a resilient fighter will always win the war even after losing many battles or rather a lion will always rule as a king in the midst of enemy beast.

Everytime I wake up. I go about with my normal routine for the day, taking that crucial step needed to rewrite my family history and I am certain it is going to pay huge dividend soon.

This December hasn't been nice to me nor my family. Can't believe I spent my christmas without my mom and siblings safe one. Everyone is scattered afar. My mom still at the hospital, my dad somewhere far away from home, my brother and two sisters looking after my mom. While I'm tied to my ongoing exams scheduled to end next month. Well, during the interval with my next papers, I seized that opportunity to visit my mom, just to see how she's responding to treatment and she's getting better.

Recently, It got to a time the bills were overwhelming but out of kindness, my friends at neoxian city and from my school of study gave me immense support that I will be forever grateful for. The support came in a time when frustration almost weighed me down but I am thankful that these challenges "a thousand flies" can't do me any harm.

Here I am still breathing, grateful for life and the kind of friends I have. I want to thank everyone that has contributed to my 2019 journey especially with the health issue of my mom . The ride has not been easy but here we are, still standing. Thank you.

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