A stroll into my crypto memory lane


Hey there,
If you feel like exercising those gorgeous eyes, come take a short reading-stroll with me, it's worth the while, thanks in advance.

A memory stroll

In my reflective mood today, I kept thinking deeply about how I have progressed so far in my crypto journey. Friends I have made, old and new chats I engaged in, community I joined and tokens I earned. I don't know why the memeories/moments of all these past events experienced from my crypto journey piqued my thinking. The good, the bad, the ugly, all in my head, so vivid. Amidst the flashback, there was one memory that hit the nail of my thoughts on the head; there was this article shared with me from a close buddy of mine I befriended online long time ago, a time when I was still learning the art of building relationships with people.

Prior to sharing this deep article with me, this friend of mine was the best gem I found in the crypto space, he was so supportive, he complemented all my post, he was funny, kind, chatty, accomadating and wise. He encouraged me a lot and invited me to join his community. We became really close and best of friends; we literally talk about anything in DM chat, it was in this secret room(DM) he shared some of his life experience with me. Amongst his life experience, he shared an article of pain with me, since I have been reading poetic writings, this was the first that hit me hard, this one strucked me, I was close to tears, close.....? close is an understatement! I shed tears. I remember I did shed tears after reading the poetic article.

In When it rains it pours... poetic article, his experience was raw and real. He went through hell. Things became devastating for him after his health issue, he was surrounded by challenges that strangulated any breathe of hope. After reading it, I was dejected at the tribulation of life — the feelings I got from reading his travails was sorrowful. I implore you all to read it, you will feel exactly the same way I did. Take a glimpse at the icing of the post.


*doctor said my life was over
no use for four leaf clover
a cancer incurable and swift
would turn out to be a rift
only six months left to go
i tell this doctor loudly "NO!"
i said determined "I will live"
'cause i have so much more to give
then my girl leaves, me in tears
after loving me for ten years
it was cancer she couldn't take....*
continuing reading here.....

To those who find themselves in this shoe, who feel like the world rejects their existence 'cause of the sudden storms. All I can say is that when the rain pours, have faith that the weather will change and the sun will again warm you.

Proud of you @madevi for staying strong after the crisis — though it's been a while we kept in touch but you inspire me a lot buddy. Whenever I am down, I reminisce your poetry and draw strength from it. Cheers.

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27.07.2019 19:53

aww stuper dedication !! so expresive, no im not in that place; but i feel what your saying :) Great job
& im happy you have him as a friend, he can teach you lots. I am happy He have you as a friend, that cares this much for him..
Well done

28.07.2019 08:12

Thank you m'lady.... As I journey into the great beyond of the crypto space... I am thankful to every friendship that was unfold.... ❤️

28.07.2019 08:50

This poem is heart-shattering and soul rendering, no doubt. It speaks of pain and disloyalty from the support system the person would have loved to rely on at a time as this, but that is human! You only know those who care for you when the chips are down and the true test of a man is not known until he is tested. I just have this belief that the recipient can beat this.

Stay strong for the person and of course, try and create memories more with the person.

Keep being awesome.

28.07.2019 17:12

I couldn't agree more with you!
You are so on point 🙏🏻

02.08.2019 20:23