Top 7 Reasons Why People Love Steemit! I love Reason #7!

Hello friends myself Uday

I have been reading posts about why people love Steemit. Here are the top 7 reasons!

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There are a lot of great reasons why people love Steemit and it really makes love being a part of this community. Here are some of the big things I have been reading about.

1. It is not owned by rich people or the government who own everything and treat the rest of us bad. The rich will never respect us or want to share what they have so we have to get our own. Steemit can help us to have our own money and power.


2. You can make money and change your life, help your family, go to school, or start a business. Everyone want to not worry about money. If something bad happens with your family you want to know you can pay to make things better Steemit can help to make sure you have enough money to go to school and even start a new business.


3. You can buy cool things. Everyone likes nice things whether it is a nice car or phone or to go on a nice vacation with your friends girlfriend or husband. Steemit can help you to do this.


4. You can help create a better world. The world is in trouble right now and the people in charge do not care. Too many people cannot get good food or clean water or air or feed their families. Steemit is a community where you can talk about these things and work together to make things better.

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5. You can control your own future. People right now work on their jobs until they are old and tired. They never get a chance to really live their lives, travel, and enjoy the wonderful things life can give you. Instead of working yourself to death, Steemit gives you the chance to be free and be your own person. Also you can say what you want here and no one can tell you to be quiet.


6. You can learn new things. Steemit is filled with people who have different interests and who know many different things. You can learn about anything you want here. There is good information on every subject. I have learned so much already about a lot of new things including blockchain and cryptocurrency.


7. You can meet so many new people. The Steemit community is worldwide. I have already communicated with people from America, Europe, Africa and Australia. In a short while I think I will have friends in every country! When I visit these places I will already have friends who can welcome me.


I love all of these things about the Steemit community. Thank you Steemit, because of you, we can do great things, make money, have better lives and change the world! Let’s do it together!

Did I miss anything? Please let me know in the comments and also upvote, follow me, and I will follow you and please Resteem!

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