The Diary game : 14/01/2021 | Powerup100%| Happy Makar Sankranti

Hello steemians , This is Uday Pathariya this side.
how are you all ? I really hope you all are doing really great .
So let's get started and talk about my today


I woke up at 4:30 AM. first ,Let me tell you about today's holy festival.According to Hindu religion, today is the festival of Makar Sankranti. On this day, everyone donates to the poor and also fly the kite. On this day, Havan is done in all houses. 85% of people take bath before sun rise on this day. That's why I set the alarm on the phone on the last night itself.I chanted the mantras.
Then by bowing to the earth. I put my footsteps on the ground.The weather in the morning was very pleasant. There was new freshness everywhere. Then I put my phone on charging. After that I washed my face Then I freshen up and then brush my teeth and also bathed.Then I worshiped. After worshiping I ate food and then I gave rice and pulse to poor people.
IMG_20210114_111109.jpgI donate to the poor.


I felt hungry after donating.I had to eat something different today, so I choose fruit.
i went to kitchen and picked my breakfast and returned to my room. I ate papaya in break fast. After the break fast I walked a while.


And opened my book while drinking tea, I was studying and revising my notes.



After reading,After this I feel a sleep. So I went to take a short nap.
In the evening time I woke up 5Pm. Then I wash my face then I went evening walk with my neighborhood friends then we spent some time together and then we gossip for some time then we came back at home .


I did 1 hour self-study.Then,I ran game in phone for 2 hours.I played pubg.
Then I ate food.Then, I walked for half an hour.

After that I studied from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm. I went to my bad room then I lay down then I open social media.after that I watched YouTube and i wrote diary game of the whole day. Then,I make and drink golden milk at night.
after that I listen music then I went to sleep.


golden n milk.

Thank You




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