The Diary Game : 13 January 2021 | Power UP 100%

Hello friends,
This is Uday Pathariya this side.
How are you all ?
I hope all of you are doing great and are all safe during the pandemic .

So,here is my day.

in morning time

Last night itself, I set an alarm in my phone to wake up early in the morning.
I woke up at 4:30 AM.
It was very cold in the morning.The whole body was shivering with cold.Then I chanted the mantras.
Then by bowing to the earth. I put my footsteps on the ground.

After a little jogging, the body is in perfect shape .I called my friend to go for a run.Then I put my phone on charging.
After that I washed my face Then I freshen up and then brush my teeth . Then I went to running with my friend then we discuss today weather today weather very cold then we spent some time together .
After come back, I turned on the TV at 8 pm and put up the India TV channel and watched Baba Ram Dev's show.After that I did exercise and pranayama and then rested for a while.
Then I went to physics tuition which is 30m away from my house. After coming back, I read the newspaper .


Then I ate food. After eating food I packed my bag. Then went to the kitchen and after packing my tiffin, I press on my college uniform.Then I went to college.

in afternoon time

While returning from college, I came walking around talking with my friends. After coming home, I ate food and ran a phone. Then I went to my room and was ready, then I went to chemistry tuition.
After coming back, I packed the bag and went to English Tuition. While returning from tuition, I went to the fast food shop.


in evening time

I came back and did a self-study for 2 hours.
I studied about Physics Important Topic Transformerr by the help of Khan sir


Then I ran the phone, on the phone I ran Facebook WhatsApp Instagram and others.

in night time

I helped my mother to make food.
I switched on the tv Then I ate food. I listened to TV news. After that I walked for half an hour and then I studied.After that I loaded the movie I opened a laptop. I played game in laptop plant vs zombie Survival.Then I studied for 2 hours. Then I played with my pet. I have two rabbits.


After listening to the songs, I fell asleep.
Thank You




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