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Hello friends,.

Myself Uday Pathariya,

My friend @rishabh99946 told me about steemit and some information about cryptocurrency . it sounds interesting . so i am here . and i hope to stay here for a long time and learn more about basically steemit is really important for me and this makes me dedicated towards it .
I am really enjoying it by being the part of it.
Thank YouSo this is me , hope you guys enjoying your

This is my first diary,
I am so excited to say my day schedule.

I woke up at 5 in the morning because I had to go to tuition at 6o' clock so, I wake up early .After that I went to the bathroom and took a bath. I drank one liter of water. Then I went to biology tuition which is 1 km away from my house. After coming back, I read the newspaper while drinking tea,


I am interested in sports, my favorite player is Ronaldo,I like football,

After this, I went to college to study.
After returning, I ate papaya
After that I ate food.
After that I went to English and Physics tuition . I revisited after coming back. And in night, I had dinner. And play pubg.


Thank You




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I really love the food menu, simple, home-made, and delicious.

Please add caption to your images.

Thank you.

12.01.2021 02:10

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