BetterLife | The Diary Game : 03 March 2021/Power up 100%

Hello friends,
This is Uday Pathariya this side .How are you all ?
I hope all of you are doing great and are all safe during the pandemic .
I am here to tell you about my today's activity .
So let's start.

in morning time
I woke up at 4 in the morning. The weather in the morning was very pleasant. There was new freshness everywhere. I called my friend and called for a run.Then I put my phone on charging. After that I went to the bathroom and came fresh.
enough I studied while drinking tea.Then getting ready.Then I went for race with me.

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Then I came back at 6 am talking with a friend After half an hour's rest I ate food and then got ready and went to tuition.I went to tuition at 8 o'clock. I learn about DNA test, DNA fingerprint in tuition.I came back at 9 o'clock and packed the tiffin and went to college.


While returning from college, i came and talked with friends.After coming home, I took rest for 30 minutes. After that I ran the phone while eating food. Then I went to Physics and chemistry tuition.After that I did 1 hour self-study.
Then I ran the phone.


After that, I studied Then I went to play badminton with my friend.First we bought the shuttlecock. Then we played the game for a long time.After coming back, i went to market. Then i also clicled a photo with my rabbit.

I did 1 hour self-study.Then,I ran game in phone for 2 hours.I played pubg.
Then I ate food.Then, I walked for half an hour.After that I studied from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm. I went to my bad room then I lay down then I open social media.after that I watched YouTube and i wrote diary game of the whole day. Then,I make and drink golden milk at you tube.

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