#Mann #Schafft

Today I found a downvote trail on my Post boosted with 0.555 #STEEM by @spydo.

I got on the list, because I boosted a Post one or two days before with 1.111#STEEM using @booster.

Now they are observing my activities, and I do not doubt, they will downvote every next boost I could try.

The major account for this activity is @ocbd .

Inside accounts I follow I saw a mission performed by the @steemcleaners .

Maybe this should be the example bringing up my first point of view :

If some account is posting daily selfies and this person is living in a foreign country, its content is qualified for me to be upvoted, because I am interested in people.
I would also be interested beeing capable providing payout for theese posts.

Not quite because of the curations, no, there is much more interesting stuff happening in the background.

I can see some glimpse of the surroundings, landscapes, living conditions of the person posting.

Maybe, if supported enough this account adds text, giving more and more to me, its audience.

I take this word journey example,
because the account I am talking about got stuck in posting sky images twice a day.

And now ??

It is gone.

This is what has hurt #STEEM in many many ways.
Firstly my "images from bangla desh" will not be in my feed any more.
Second, transactions by this account will no longer be counted onto the BlockChain .
And third : which of their friends in this country, where accounts of, would be very welcome, who, would now feel encouraged trying out #STEEM to broadcast something .

SO !

I do content,
I do have my style,
and my way of typing,
my way of picking,
what my audience will get given,
today, out of me.

I do have an audience,
consuming my messages,
for whatever purpose.

This audience contains authentic accounts with low #SP.


The way I boosted my posts the weeks after HF21 was, that all I could afford went back into the boost.
At first I started boosting because i thought this would be a wiser method to power up #SP.
You wait a week, a part of the invest returns in SP and part is #STEEM again.

If there is a way to do this persistently, like a perpetuum mobile, ... ?
I did not look for it, because you cant do it.
The amount #STEEM rewarded of boosted posts was never capable to do anything near the same boost on another post.

To keep on experimental Status I withdrew #STEEMP to use for holding boost levels.

But something else, I think very important effekt was now observeable after HF21.
My audience, with a vote worth 0.001 got curation of 0.005.

Ups, everybody forgets 50% curation of the boosts goes to the voters now,
and this effect ends in the regions of payouts over 20 #STU ?

And if we do the maths,
with my 1.5 #STEEM investment into boosts a member of my audience with a vote worth 0.0002 would be rewarded now, 0.001 .

The third effect of boosting is : three quarters (3/4) of all rewards are staked #STEEM, #STEEMPOWER .

What better can I do for the #STEEM but accumulating staked #STEEM, #STEEMPOWER.

Now this experiment is stopped until approval of the mighty.



Now I will try to give my understanding of the #STEEM BlockChain ?

Its a blockchain ? Are blockchains cryptocurrencys ?

A BlockChain holds data, it writes data into itself with total proof theese data are proof data ?
This is enough to become worth value beeing a currency ?
The amount of data carved into the witness mashines,
how much of this data is social media data ?
This would be my first question to the downvoters ?
How many percent of the transactions data carved is voteable ?
In my opinion this amount is quite small.

What if the amount of #STEEM and #STEEMPOWER used for social media purposes was nothing more than a little dripping leak of wobbling gellee drops, compared to the whole chain activity ?
If you make an account you get your own little leaky leak interface, by wich each of your transaction data will enrich the chains worth value ?

I want the proof, that bad content and boosting are actually "hurting" anything what so ever, concerning the #STEEM blockchain worth value inside the crypto currency world !!


Well Well Well,

if I am right, ( i mean, right, not right ) ,

there is not thing like hurting

or taking away something from someone.

Everything that is done on the #STEEM is a win win win situation.

And the consideration, that because someone hast five wins instead of three , ...

or even, that one of the three wins is a bad win .

All is open for all to gain.

And you can always be sure, what ever you do on the #STEEM will benefit the #STEEM.

All the little interfaces or the bigger ones, each and all of them prosper of each of your actions here.

The levels for making real damage if ever they existed or exist have been forked !!!

All theese considerations HF21 beeing stupid , bla bla bla .



Even if I am totally wrong,
there is something I do not understand.


Coming on like the bolschewik trouper, cutting down your home grown tomatoes, because noone buys the rotten ones in the discounters.

Are you secret agents of the capitalist cabale, to forcefully block capitalisation of parts of the masses, parts of third world economys ?

Why are you working for the agenda of your enemys, beating the poor, letting them be uneducated, fullfeared by rules no one knows, changing with every change of ideolgick trickyness ?

You can dictate rules, you are in charge over the content beeing presented, you are in the power,
and may the power be with you, to be wise and spread wisdom, to make yourself understood before punishing, beeing interested to hold and educate, transparent and honest to yourselves mostly in holding facts and humanity over ideology.

You dont mind some funny hard words dont you ??


At least there is one more aspect :


There is no way for you to consider having persons with disabilities included.
Either me as a heart trouble person, or accounts announcing their autism,
the dignity of theese ones, us, do we have dignity in your behaviour ??

None will read this,
none understand,
none support,
and this #STEEM thing is just a blasted bubble.

But thank you for reading.


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Na dann lassen Sie doch einfach das Boosten mit Bid Bot's. Ging doch vorher auch ohne.
Webung sollte nicht aus dem Reward Pool bezahlt werden. #nobidbots

11.10.2019 12:59

Wenn ich die Webung als Werbung interpretiere, muss ich gestehen, dass ich das Nutzen von bidbots nicht mit Werbung in Verbindung bringen kann.
Phase eins BoostExperiment ist abgeschlossen ( gewaltsam ), und jetzt gilt es weitere Daten zu sammeln, und diese mit den schon gesammelten zu vergleichen.
Mal sehen, ob sich meine Theorien bewahrheiten lassen.

11.10.2019 18:51