Wonders of Mobile photography.

Hello fellow steemains, I want to show you guys how I turned this image of a bird I took during a sunny afternoon to look like it was taken late in the evening with just the normal phone editor!

Here is the image below


It looks amazing right! Now I will show you the procedures.
Now this is the image I made.


At first I reduced the highlights and whites with the normal phone editor to bring down the harshness and Whiteness of the cloud to get this.


After that I went back to the phone editor and increased my contrast, black and vignettes (to darken the edges) so that everything looked very dark. After that I now opened my shadows to brighten the images a little and I got this and was a bit impressed!


"Now the image is almost done! - I said"😊

But the image is looking like there is no life in it because there isn't enough exposure... So I went back to the phone editor and increased my exposure a little to get this.


How does it look guys!! Feel free to drop your comments below
And I want to recognize some good and selfless leaders on steem.
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