The Diary Game | Wednesday, 3rd March 2021 | Better Life With Steem

I woke up by 8 am today. I was arranging my bed when my mom's cousin came over. We talked for a while before I went to do the dishes while she waited for my mom who was in the bathroom.

After doing the dishes, I got dressed and went out to buy breakfast. When I got back home, my mom and her cousin had already left. I took a bath after getting some things arranged.

getting something to eat...

I had breakfast before it clocked 12pm. After breakfast I began studying till it clocked 3pm. I turned on the TV for an hour.

When it was 4:30pm, I did the dishes. By 5pm I began my routine exercise which ended by 5:35pm.

I watched TV again after the exercise till it clocked 7pm when the lights went out. The generator exploded this night so I missed important football matches.

I had dinner by past 8pm and played PES on my phone till it was past 10pm just to keep myself busy.


It's almost midnight. I've been doing some reading and I'm tired right now so I'll be heading to bed.



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