The Diary Game | Tuesday, 30th March 2020 | Better Life With Steem

I woke up by 7am today. I was too tired to write a diary post yesterday because of how hectic the day was. We finally relocated to a new house. Moving all the property was so much work.

Back to my day. I got up from bed after morning prayers. The morning was so slow. I did nothing for two hours. By 9am I prepared breakfast.


Breakfast was ready very late. By the time I had finished eating, the time was past 11am. I took a bath and my mom and I left to go get our things that we couldn't carry the previous day.


We got to the place and I left to the ATM to go get money before heading back. We got what we wanted and put them in the car. It was 3:30pm by the time we were done.


We left to the market to buy some things. On our way back, we stopped at a filling station to buy petrol before we headed for home. Finally!

We offloaded the car and rested for a while. I mixed garri with milk, sugar and groundnut. I ate that and was done by 7pm. I turned on the generator.

I tried connecting the decoder to the TV. After few tries, I gave up only to realize that the antenna wasn't tight enough. I could've easily fixed it but I had already given up before I noticed.

I had dinner and played PES before taking a bath. I turned off the generator and locked the house.

I'll go to sleep now. I have another busy day tomorrow.


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