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The Diary Game | Monday, 15th March 2021 | Better Life With Steem

I woke up by 8am today. I did the dishes straight away. When it was past 10pm, I washed my hair for more than 30 minutes. I took a bath my 11am.

I began watching YouTube videos after taking a bath. When it was 12pm, I decided to eat something. I ate bread with egg and tea. I played PES while eating.

After the meal, I read manga all day. When it was 3pm, I turned on the TV to watch Family Guy. I did more reading when the show was over.


When it was 7pm, I went out to buy akara. I took a bath when I got back home and watched "Attack on titans".


Dinner was by 8:30pm. After dinner, I continued reading manga.


The time is 11:45pm. I'll go to bed after I do more reading.


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