The Diary Game | Friday, 26th February 2021 | Lazy Weekend | Better Life With Steem

I woke up quite early today. It was 7:30am when I got up from bed. First thing I did was to say my morning prayers before I did the dishes.

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After doing the dishes, I opened social media and replied my WhatsApp messages. I laid my bed and took a bath afterwards. I washed my hair today also. I comb and detangled my hair after washing.


By 10:25am, I was done combing my hair when a friend came over. I gave him some movies and games while he waited for me to dress up so we would go out.

I got dressed and we headed out. We first went to make a digital scan of some documents before we went to a consultation firm. When we got to the consultation firm, we were attended to immediately. We left the place in less than 2 minutes and headed for our homes.


I got home when it was past 12pm. I made brunch and ate it. I stayed on social media till it clocked 3pm when I took a nap.

I woke up by 7pm. I took a bath and had dinner while reading a book called "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind".


When it clocked 10pm, I began playing PES. The time is 11:50pm so I'll keep playing this game till I eventually fall asleep.





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