The Diary Game | Friday, 19th February 2021 | Better Life With Steem (Powered up 100%)

I woke up to the cold harmattan morning. The time was 8am when I got out of bed. I said my morning prayers and began the day. I did the dishes and cleaned the house when I was done.

I played PES mobile for sometime in the morning. When it was almost 10:30am, I got dressed and went to a Keystone bank branch to get money from the ATM.


I got to the bank and luckily for me there was no crowd there. I did my thing quickly and left. I got back home and rested for a few minutes before heading to the filling station to buy petrol.


I reached home by past 11am then prepared breakfast. I took a bath and had breakfast afterwards.

I played games and watched TV all day. When it clocked 4:30pm, I took a nap. I woke up by 7pm. I did my routine exercise as I got up from bed. It lasted 45 minutes. I took a bath after that.

I had breakfast by 8:30pm while watching "One Punch Man". After eating I played PES till I decided to write this dairy post. I'm off to bed.



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