What we need to know about a successful person

Hello friends, it's been cool since I joined this platform thou am new but i enjoy it and I will like to share my little discovery.

I have come to understand that there is no limit to our imaginations.

What am I trying to say?

One can be in his bedroom and imagine himself in a mansion or see himself travelling around the world let's not forget he is still in his bedroom but in his mind he has gone ahead and I asked myself if I can picture all these in my imaginations how can I be that successful in the real world and the answer is simply hard work.

Just as there is no limit to what you and I can imagine its applicable to what we can achieve in life the only challenge hindering us is the required efforts needed to make all we imagine a reality.

Nice car



Everyone wants to be able to afford a good house, a nice car and other good things of life but how many of us are ready to pay the price?

How many are ready to endure the trying times, which is that period when it seems like its impossible

How many of us have taken time actually analysis this popular saying "there is no short cut to success"

My father will always say that's why in school the teachers will teach the students that before you count two(2) you must start with one(1) the knowledge of the number one(1) gives you a better understanding on how we got (2), for example 1+1=2.

This is applicable to our daily life's if you skip the basics which is the early stage not knowing it's needed to succeed for they is no glory without a story its the story that makes the glory, you Won't understand the true meaning of success.

Do not joke with any given opportunity you find, we have to be constant at whatever you are doing don't feel reluctant over anything don't take chances at all "time is money"
STEEMIT is a platform I have come to enjoy and I don't intend to joke with it I don't know about you,
like I said am new this is my first post here in this community. Thank for reading

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