Achievement 1 - My Introduction Post To Steemit Ecosystem


Hello steemians, welcome to my first publication here. In regards to the newcomer's program - Achievement 1, I will be introducing myself below. Read on to know more about me.

About Me

My name is Uwakwe Uchenna with the username @uche-uwakwe the combination of my name and my dad's family's name. I'm 17yrs old, born on the 11th of June 2004 in the family of Mr and Mrs Innocent Uwakwe from Mbaitoli LGA in IMO state, I'm from a family of (6). My parents, I and my siblings(3boys and a girl).


5 years ago Things turned out to be fine with my family before my Dad fell so Ill to the extent he couldn't work anymore,the experience we had was so rough especially for my mom who took all the financial duties and responsibilities as the breadwinner with her small scale fast food. I will say it's all life and as a strong lady as my mom who stooped so strong and made it possible that her kids acquire good Educational knowledge.

After regaining strength my dad started a transit system from state to state to put things to place as it was before, the more he tried the more life became hard to the extent that there was no money to pay for our school bills.

With the help of my uncle we resumed school and I obtained my WAEC certificate in 2020. Seeing the present condition of my family I decided to work and assist my parents in taking care of the family needs.

My knowledge about Steem

I have heard so many things about crypto currency and other online businesses. I also heared about steemit from most of my friends around my work place but never developed interest in it till I met @bright-obias who told me more about the platform, he also taught me so many interesting things about steemit and I know and believe I will never regret knowing the platform




I love playing football, swimming and most especially I love reading novels. It's indeed an honour writing to you guys and I wish to enlightened more on crypto currency and creating of articles.


To the attention of @bright-obias and @cryptokannon this is my achievement 1 post

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Hello welcome to Steemit world!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
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