My Frist 2020 Bookish Experience.

Hello family and friends, Greetings to y'all and Happy New year. Cheers to 2020.
Well sorry, it's coming now due to some reasons I haven't been online much.

I've ben catching up with my reading of the twilight Saga book collection.
After I read the first part and I watched the movie, I've decided to read all the book collection and probably forget about watching the movie because it's a wreck to me and not up to the standard of the book.

You might be wondering why I've been so eager to finish my current read. Well, I hate to say but it's January and this year session for my school is on.
I had plans to finish the twilightsaga book collection before resumption but as it is, I wasn't able to because of the festive season. I extended it to January.
But I would be keeping it on a low key reading from now because I've got a huge exam which my career depends on to writein February which is in 4 weeks from now.

This is currently the update about my life.

Now to the main bookish part which I am so gleeful about is receiving books from international publishing house.

I requested for a book with the title Such A Fun Age before the publishing date (31 December 2019).
At the end of last year, my hopes on getting the book was very low because I had in mind that whenever a book I requested for is up to 28 days, that means the book might have gotten missed up.

Am not trying to be pessimistic but I have requested for Advanced Reader's copy of two different books from different publishing house. They agreed to send me the book which they did but still date I didn't receive the book.

Yesterday, I was at my lecture class, waiting for my lecturer since I arrived to class on time when I saw a text from my Post office box about me, coming to receive a book.

After class, I went to the post office and I was surpise due to I couldn't guess what was in the bag.
I collected it, paid and to my surpise it was the book Such A Fun Age.

Photo Taken By Me

Gleefully I got home in a rush, opened the bag and I couldn't stop been amazed at the cover of the book. The publishing house was also kind enough to add some colouring pencil, a paper to colour and Cheerios.

I had plans of reading it as soon as possible, but sadly I can't due to my fought coming exams.

So for now, I came to share the news about my receiving of books from publishing house.
Since this year started with a good one, am sure it's gonna be a wonderful year ahead.

Thanks For Reading.

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