My Current State

Hello friends, greetings to y'all. It's really been a while, and I'm sure the week is going smoothly for you because as for me, it's been hectic.

I haven't been able to put things down due to some issues that have to involve taking good care of myself and also me reading for texts and exams too.

I haven't been feeling to well mentally and socially so I thought why not give myself some break from the social media life and online world by taking good care of myself. So I Decided to check on myself the way I do check on instagram by giving myself space to breathe, even though life seems pretty rough.


But while I was away, I happened to read some few books cos as you might know by now that I'm a lover books. I was able to finish these books quicker than I thought I would.
The names of the books are;
•A woman is no man by Etaf Rum ( it's an audio book)
•Manchester Happened by Jennifer Nansubuga
•Sea prayer by Khaled Hosseini
•Like a mule bringing ice-cream to the sun by Sarah Ladipo Mankiya
I'm currently on
•The bride Test by Helen Hoang (Audio book)
For hardcopy, I'm yet to decide cos I've got Digital Technology & Education reform articles to deal with which is kinda work for me because it's ain't my genre but then we would be fine.

~What's your current read?
~Audio books are so cool for me, what about you?

Leave your thoughts in the comment session. Have a wonderful week ahead.

Much love, thanks for reading.

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Finally, daddy is back. I missed you o. Welcome back and hope you are better now!

24.10.2019 16:44

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24.10.2019 18:41