Mini Recap For This Year (Reading).

Wooo, sighs.. I survived 2019.

It has been one the most messed year in my life and a great one also on the other hand too.
Took some steps out of my small box (life).
Also the year I had mental breakdown the most too (Got tired of living and have no interest in dying).

But here we are, we survived and kept living.

Also I set out to read 50 books this year but life shit, academics, hustle and home management, Iended up reading 31.

(speaking of home management, women need to be acknowledged seriously cos I lived my mum's life since she ain't staying in the same location with family and I must tell you it wasn't easy and funny).

Photo Taken By Me
📖📖📖📖 On My Recent Read.
Still on Twilight Saga collection, I finished this and already 200 pages+ in the next Saga.
In summary this read it's a Low, High, low format.
Started slow, then a situation that happens to be a wrong assumption, driving Edward in a state of committing a dangerous act.
That's the main plot line that kept me hooked.

So it's gonna be a new decade. And hopefully a more better one on my reading aspects.
I was just planning on the incredible books (Girl, Woman, Other. Circe, Black leopard, red wolf..etc), then I remembered my Jan and Feb won't be much of a bookish month (exams 😥). But any how las las we go survive.

Cheers to new year 🎉.

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