I'd Pass through it.

Hello friends, greetings to y'all and happymid week. I'm sure it's running smoothly for you, because as for me it's been a pretty busy one cos of the assignments I had to finish and books I have to read.

It's been a while I wrote here and guess why, it's just laziness mostly had been the main cause. Some would be like, I write for the money. But to be frank it's not because I've been having this urge to write and lots of things in my head to write down and many experiences I want to share and talk about here but I'm lazy and school haven't been giving me that lots of space too do be able to do so.

I've wanted to talk about the road side task collector whenever they load your car for you even if it's just one person. I want to talk about the encounters have seen and had, made me wondering how do they survive with such penny and if they don't have family to care for because you can't survive with a family with those penny and then brings me to some questions like, does it mean they don't cater for a family?. Do they have plans to do so in the future?.

I want to talk about the high insecurities (robbery) that have been going on in my community. I want to share the experience I was been told by those that were victims of the robbery and how I got scared.

I want to talk about my current read which the reading progress is actually slow and I don't know why. Not as if it's not an interesting read but I've been really slow.
Photo Taken By Me

I want to talk about my current series I'm watching Money Heist and how I'm actually emotionally attached to it and it keeps draining me inside and the fear of what might happen next. Further talk about the intelligence and the plot of the characters and storyline.

I want to talk about how I don't have any vibe to do my assignments.

I want to talk about how two of my friends from school had a small misunderstanding which involved smoking of weed. I want to share the incident and ask for your opinion on it and what should be done to bring them back together again.

I want to talk about the emails I've been receiving from publishing house about giving me Advanced Readers Copy of their book and how I'm yet to receive it due to the distance and also the chances of the book getting lost too because it do happens.

I want to talk about how eating lately, how it's full of junks and my dad complaining how I take noodles too much too.

I have alot I want to share and talk about here and I hope I do so..
I'm a writer but sometimes I feel numb to write about thngs. No vibe too but I would definitely pass through it.

Thanks For Reading

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First of all, the photo makes me hungry 😂

You will eventually get through it, but first of all you gotta have the passion in writing if writing is what you want to do on a regular basis.

Proof ready yourself in the first place. Check your spelling and forget about post payout. That will really help to develop a better future writing career. Keep it up.

09.10.2019 08:20

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