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"Ella you can't be sleeping by this time when you know we have morning lectures to attend", Anisha said.
Ella haven't had a real sleep lately. She has been restless with the decision she had to make that she was awake almost all through the night. She tired taking her mind of the issue by reading a novel "Easy Motion Tourist", but she couldn't get her mind of the issue by reading such novel because the book has something similar to the issue she has been facing lately. She then try to watch a movie and by that time it was already 5a.m. The watching of movie worked and she ended up dozing off without her knowing, not until the voice of her roommate waking her up from her deep sleep.

She groaned and wished it wasn't Monday remembering how busy it always was every Monday.
I would be coming to lectures late, or would you want to wait for me? Ella she said.
I can only wait for you if you agree to buy me lunch this noon, and have you forgotten that you can't really get into Mr Noah's class once his inside. But with my help as his class rep you can actually get in without much worries, Anisha said.

Ella let out a dep sigh and wished it was the other way round. She quickly went to the bathroom, brushed her mouth and took a quick bath. In the next 30 minutes, she was all set up to go and they both left for lectures together.

But come to think of it, why were you still sleeping up to that time, Anisha asked Ella as they walked their way to school.
I was up all night due to sleep was out of my owm reach, Ella replied.
Anisha gave a frown look at Ella Immediately saying, Ella what's wrong? I know you too well to be out of reach of sleep unless something is bothering you.

"Well it's not something that have to be giving me sleepless night but you know me every small thing that I have to worry about do gives me sleepless night". Ella said.
Sip out the tea, I'm all ears, replied Anisha.

When I visited my home last week, there have been cases of teenage girls getting pregnant and rumors of abortions here and there too. Same last week, there's rumor that my best friend sister is pregnant. When I heard the News I was speechless and I wondered what wouod be of there family. To feed is a problem lately. There Mum isn't working, there Dad hardly gets contract for work again and if he does, the pay isn't much. The family has to two girls to write West African Examination the same time but they are considering only one person because they can't fund both girls to write the exam. Speaking of the Mother, I wonder how she would feel with words like "Look at her, she would be preaching up and down about someone, now it's her own daughter that is pregnant. She couldn't even preach and guide them but she wants to do that to other people's children".

Then I thought isn't it high time that someone teaches this girls about sex education because I know the adults in my society doesn't do that. They are like, the teenagers are still young and that would corrupt them. So they tend to let it slide not knowing they are doing more harm than good to the growing up youths.
I'm like isn't high them I teach them about sex related like while it's important to use a condom when they want to have sex because you can't tell all of the girls to stay away from sex and all would. They must be the ones that won't give an ear to that and knowing such people would exist, while don't I tell them the precautions and what to do if they happened to have sex without using condom? Cos from my observation and my cousin, I've learnt that the boys don't actually take condoms with them because the society looks at it lile something that's evil and bad, so since they want to act all good and innocent they don't buy condoms.
I want to tell the girls they shouldn't let the boys pressure them in having sex without condom and if they happened to do that, I want to tell them How to Clean Up After Sex, how taking Postinor-2 has a chance of preventing pregnancy If taken within 24 hours, but it won't prevent you from catching any sexually transmitted diseases. What to do on the issue of STDs too.
While thinking about all these, I also thought of the changes of them misusing the information I've givem to them, but in some ways It would also reduce the rate of pregnancy too.

"Do you think it's important and necessary for me to teach these girls"? Ella asked Anisha as they both went into the class together.
"I think looking at the advantages (because everything that has advantages also have disadvantages too) you should" Anisha replied as they both got a sit.

This is a combination (issue) of fiction and non-fiction.

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