Fiction: The Saviour.


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Chapter 4
One week later queen Chinelo died and the whole village was in grief, mostly the king because he loved his wife so dearly that he wept and cause death fid taking his beloved wife from him.
The next day Chinelo was giving a befitting burial ceremony by the king to honour her since she was a queen.
Two months later the king fell ill and Adamma happiness knew no bound because her plans were working according to the way she planned it. Shs refused to attend to the King's health and concentrated more on how to take over the throne.
Days passed by and the King's illness grew to an extent he couldn't walk any longer and Adamma eventually took over the responsibilities of the king.
She became boastful, arrogant, rude and paraded herself with pride round the whole village.
In two weeks time the village was turned into a piece of trash. Traders from other villages who traded in Idude village ran away and stopped trading because of the poverty which took it host over the villagers, embracing them whole heartedly.
Adamma made a deceleration saying "people of Idube village from this day on, everyone of you all must bring one quarter of all your harvest and income to me every Ike market day and failure to do so, that person would be executed.

On hearing the news which spread like a real fire consuming a dry wood, some of the villagers took their family, little properties and let for another Village due to the wicked declaration, hardship and suffering that paraded around the whole Village.

Obinna who had become a successful youth at the age of 18 years and was able to build a better home for himself and the old woman, heard the calamities, suffering and hardship that has before his Village . He wept throughout the day and later at night after his dinner with the old woman, he told her about the problems that had been happening in his village and he will like to make things right by embarking on a journey back to his village by sunset tomorrow morning, of which she encouraged him prayed for him and gave him some words of advice which after that, he fell aslept.
Bh sunset the next day Obinna embark on his journey back to his Village. Been an intrepid he was able to pass through the Highlands, glens and seas and by noon he was at the entrance boundary of his Village.
On his way to the palace the villagers who saw him was thrilled and marvid when they saw him. While some of them trew sand at him thinking he was a ghost, but to their amazement he wasn't what they thought he was.
On reaching the palace Adamma sighted him, rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands, refusing to believe it was open and real because she remembered vividly when she was told he was dead she gasps for air and fainted.

To be continued
Would Adamma die or survive after her fainting?
Find out in the next chapter.

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