Fiction: The Saviour.

The Saviour-Chapter1

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Once upon a time in a village called Idube, lived a king whom was loyal, diligent, humble, generous and submissive to his people called king Arinze.
king Arinze bern the only heir to the throne after his parents death, got married to an elegant, beautiful, smashing girl with an ebony skin, oval face, pointed nose and a ruby lip named Adamma, before he took over the throne.

King Arinze ruled with wisdom which made all his subjects happy but he felt unhappy due to the issue of Adamma unable to bear him a child.
Adamma on the other hand was daunted about her unconceiveness and she decided to visit a native doctor without her husband concept due to the fact that he would demur to her opinion.
The next day been a faithful bright morning queen Adamma visited a native doctor and in return, she was ask to always bring a sacrifice at every end of two months which she agreed and her request was granted.

One week later Adamma became pregnant which made she and the King's joy knew no bound. She was taken proper care of until the day of her delivery which she then gave birth to a baby girl.
On hearing the news the king was happy and at the same time sad due to the gender of the child, he had been expecting a mald child who would inherit the throne when his gone.
On the seventh day the baby girl was named Onyinye by the king, queen and his chiefs. Onyinye grew up to be an attraction of beauty beyond expression, she was a carbon copy of her mother but more smashing due to the hazel colour of her eyes and the sleeking blonde hair which made her seems like a pair of goddess.

With all of Onyinye's beauty, the king was daunt about her behaviour.
She was disrespectful, seldomly stays at home and always chaotic.
Her parents tried to advice her but all felt on deaf ears because she won't listen and she was left alone.

Weeks later the chiefs of Idube village held a meeting at the kings palace on the throne before it was too late sincd the king was not getting any younger. The king was then advised to take a second wife since his first wife couldn't give him an hire to the throne which he gave a second thought about it and came to conclusion that he was going to marry a second wife.

To be Continued...
Did the king later married another wife?

And if he did, was there any challenge?
Find out in the next chapte.

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