Fiction: The Saviour.

Chapter 2

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One week later the king got married to another girl named chinelo who was from his neighbouring village.
After the wedding, as days pass by, Adamma became jealous of the way the king always treated chinelo and she then planned on never to let Chinelo get pregnant let alone giving birth to a baby boy.

The next day she visited a native doctor for the sake of Chinelo and her wish was granted by the native doctor, but due to the fact that Chinelo was a prayerful christain who always believe in God, she was not harmed by Adamma's evil plan and she took in and became pregnant which then made Adamma wondering how on earth was it possible after she had visited the native doctor which makes her hatred for chinelo increased and she sworn by the sand of the earth saying "I would go extra mile to see that Chinelo do not gave birth to that child" which unknown to her was not possible, because she was only exacerbating to herself.

Aftet nine months, Chinelo gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and a tremendous party was hosted till dawn by the king on the arrival of his son.
In the eight day the child was named Obinna. Obinna grew up in the fear of the lord and possesses his father good and noble character which made him to be loved by everyone except Adamma who hated him with passion.

Months later Adamma changed by pretending to love and care for Obinna which made the family happy, while unknown to them she was planning on how to get rid of Obinna.
The next day before sunset Adamma visited some gang of boys, told them her mission for them and the reward she was going to give to them only if they are able to carry out the mission as planned and successful which they agreed to the deal.
By night fall some gang of boys broke into the King's household, beat up chinelo and took away Obinna with them. On their way going, to execute Obinna, they decided to take a rest before furthering. And unknown to them the rope they used in tiring up Obinna hands was already loosed but he kept calm and quiet.
In the process of resting Obinna took of by running into the forest to which they followed him but was unable to get him, then they concluded that he would be eaten by wild animals since he ran into the forest and they left.

To be continued
Find out in the next chapter if Obinna survived or not.

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