Fiction: The Saviour.

Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

She woke up immediately she was poured water saying "please don't tell me I'm going to confess please, please, please, please".
Everyone there was surprised and they told her to confirm which she did saying "I was the cause of Obinna's disappearance due to the fact I wanted him dead but he survived. I was also the cause of Chinelo's dead and also the king illness too.
Then she narrated how she had gone to native doctor to get charms which she used in making the king ill, charming the chiefs to do whatever she wanted and bewitching the palace servant and how she planned on taking everything good that belongs to the late King and the villagers.
After confessing Adamma became mad instantly and was chased into the evil Forest.

The next day the king gave up the ghost after giving his blessings to his only son Obinna, and a befitting barrier was made for him since he was taking.
After the burial ceremony of the late king, Obinna was made the king of Idube Village and months later, he got married to a girl named chisom and was also able to relocate the old woman who had helped him all through the difficult stages of life he had been through after escaping the boys that wanted to kill him.
By the end of the year Obinna was able to restore the Village back and even better than the way it was before. On hearing and seeing the progress made in the Village, the villagers who ran away came back to settle on their land. From that day onwards King Obinna and his wife ruled with great wisdom and knowledge for many years which made the villagers to always thank God every passing of each day for sending him as the Savior to change their story.

The end.

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