Fiction: The Saviour.

Chapter 3

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The next day the gang leader of the boys met Adamma and told her that they had killed Obinna and even gave his body to the wild animals to eat. She was happy, thanked them and payed them as she had promised earlier on.

Obinna was awoken by the noise of insects and birds in the forest by noon and he felt tired and famished, then he plucked the fruits of the forest which he ate.
After eating he thought about the incident that happened last night and decided not to go back to his father's palace to aviod been killed since he was lucky to have escaped.
Obinna kept on wandering in the forest for three days until he met a hay, who was carrying a heavy log of wood on her head and he decided to help her out.
On arrival at the hag's house the old woman thanked him and asked what was a boy at his age, doing in the forest. He then narrated his story to her which she felt pity for him and she then welcomed him into her house since he had no place to go. By evening, the old woman gave him dinner which he guzzled due to the fact he hasn't eaten for some days.
After eating he thanked her and went to sleep.

By sunset the next day Obinna went to the forest to get the old woman firewood, knowing the logs left wouldn't be enough for her to cook.
Hours later Obinna came back and as at that time the old woman had already done some of the house chores and she made breakfast for both of them.
By noon Obinna called the old woman for a talk which he then told her of his plans of been a wood cutter and she agreed to his idea, and from then onward Obinna becamea woodcutter.
Days passed by, followed by weeks and then month, he was abls to make good profit from his woodcutting business, took some of the money and registered himself in an adult lesson near by since he was unable to attend a proper school. Been an intelligent boy he learned fasted and by three months later Obinna was able to read and write perfectly.

Back at idube village queen Chinelo was unable to regain consciousness for months which made queen Adamma smiled gleefully in her heart whenever she saw the state and condition of her co-mate Chinelo.

To be continued
What would happen to Chinelo? Would she survive or die.

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