Hello friend greetings to y'all and happy weekend.
How are you planning on spending the weekend. Are you going to party, club, hangout, swimming or you going to stay at home just sleep or read or listen to music.
never the less for me I have homeworks to do and things to catch up with. But then try to make it enjoyable for yourself.


So I woke up on time to prepare meal which is rice stew and beans. while doing the cooking my neighbour came around and had a little chat. She talked about a woman who has given birth in our neighborhood and the husband was not much happy because the gender of the child was male.
Their first child was a male, second child happen to be twins and they turned out to be males too, then the last child there were expecting also was a male. So I was like, I get why they are in need of a female. The woman wants a female childhood help and house works and other domestic things. But then I told my neighbour that the gender of a child doesn't really matter when it comes to all that because it's how you train your child that's how he's going to be. If you train your child on how to cook and do domestic work, he would definitely help you but then, it you should train the male child with the mindset that boys will be boys or boys, boys don't belongs to the kitchen or boys don't do domestic works or it's meant for girls, then you are at risk because you are the one to do all the work alone. Then I told her to take me as an example, if my mum didn't train me well I won't be here cooking. like she do travel just the way she is no longer staying here with us because of work. So I've been the one cooking for my dad for over 3 months now. So the gender of a child doesn't really matter when it comes to cooking and domestic work. Anybody can cook provided you've been trained well and moreover we have males that are chefs and most of them turns out to be a very very good cook. So I pass the message to my neighbour and she was like that's true so I'm expecting her to have a chit chat with the woman on training her child anyway.
I'll get back to what I was doing have a great weekend and thank you.

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06.07.2019 04:58

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06.07.2019 05:01

Hey @uche-nna,
Good morning and a very happy weekend to you. I must confess that I enjoyed that story and it such a wonderful inspiration. You life is a paradox and is filled with irony. One of such is that we are leaving in an African society where male children are celebrated and most time preferred more than female children. I have seen more than two families whom the man (husband) did not give up in procreating even after having 8 female children, he still went on and on till when he was lucky to have the male son in the tenth round. He was lucky, I must say that during the child dedication of that male child, the man did what he didn't do during the dedication of the other nine female children. Did I tell you that he went as far as borrowing and thus incurring huge debt just because he wanted to express his happiness and tell the world that he has arrived.
Sadly, I have been watching each day as the over pampering of the child has groomed the child into a non nonchalant character. Hence, I fear what he would become in future if he doesn't change for good.

Thumbs up once again, do have a splendid weekend. I hope that next time, you would not only share your experience only but would share your stew rice and beans with us here.

catch ya. I am @voclab

06.07.2019 06:57

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