Book Review: The Sky Is Mine.

My body, My life, My choice.

There's a story about Izzy who felt she has no voice, power and can't do anything about the problems she's passing through, also her mum on the other hand, drowning through a toxic and unhappy marriage but no voice to speak out.
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The sky is mine is an important, heartbreaking, emotional read and also, gets you very uncomfortable.
It centers on the theme domestic abuse, rape, sexual abuse, blackmail, abortion, friendship, relationship, toxic marriage.

I never expected these strong themes with such a title.

It's a read that makes it a suitable Youngadult read due to the issues been addressed in the book. It talks about what young adults go through in our societies today.

A book that reminds you why it's important for sex education to be taught to all kids especially the girls child, nurture them to never feel voiceless and own up.

A book that reminds you why we should give the boys child a proper training so as not to raise up scum men, just like in the case of Jacob Mansfield.

A book that reminds you about paying proper attention to your child as a parent or guidance, learning and knowing their body language.

A book that teaches the important of communication among loved ones. A reminder that communication is the key and voice to some situations we find ourselves.

A book that reminds us about constant checking on someone you claim to love because you might not know what they are passing through.

A book that shows you how marriages can be a happy and unhappy one. Why it's better to get out on time, leave the marriage to avoid further harm to yourself.

A book that shows you why selflove is very healthy and important. Own your self, it's your body, your life, your choice.

The topic on rape was a sensitive one because it brings back memories of a past incident and I can't feel sorry enough for Izzy.

Been a Pro-choice, the justification for abortion is something I wish for people to see without judging.
Someone can have the right to go on with abortion when theirs a justification for their action.

I wondered how I would have felt, but believe me I won't be okay if Izzy and her mum hadn't own and stand up for their voices to be heard and also, to love themselves.

I want to thank @beashe for writing this book and to the women who were able to share their own domestic abuse with her.

The sky is mine is a book I recommend, so go get yours and read.

Thanks to @oneworld-publications for sending me a copy of this important read. Academics took my time for munching this sooner, preciate lots.

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