Book Review: The Music Of What Happened.

•The world will make you vulnerable. If you're acting like you're not, that's what you're doing. Acting• From--> The Music Of What Happens.
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|| R E V I E W ||
A funny and romantic story of two boys Max and Jordan.
Max is a dude bro, an athlete,loves games, easy going and gay which was cool to him, his mom and his two straight bestfriends.
Jordan (quite opposite of Max) is a poet, who doesn't believe much in himself and sees himself less attractive even when he wants a boyfriend (waiting for prince charming). His gay which also was cool with his mum and his two female bestfriends whom he refers to as (his wives).
A situation in which Jordan and his mum had to put the food truck owned by their father after he died in use, brought Max and Jordan together.
The food truck was Jordan and his mum only source of hope in raising the financial needs they wanted. Max volunteered to help in saving the food truck and helping out in Jordan's family situation.
At first the two boys didn't get along at first since they were of two different characters and hobbies. But as time goes on they got used to each other and the seed of love grew between despite Max having a secret that was painful, confusing and distrubing. And Jordan having to take the responsibility of taking care of his mother.
First I must recommend the author for putting such a story together and avoiding the part (which now seems kinda cliché to me) were they had to be a struggling individual with his sexual orientation or him not been accepted by his family and friends due to sexual orientation.
The two boys had to face a real life situation all by them selves and at the end won even due things went crumbling down when it all looks like it was okay.
This novel was a very relatable, enjoyable and easy read.
The friendship and love got me wishing and longing for one because it was so cute.
Aside it been just an LGBTQ read, it also talks on the issue of RAPE and importance of voicing out.
I was happy to read this because I was able to share an issue with two people after this giving me the voice to do so.
It reminds me of no matter whom you are in love with, your own love story can be a reality.

On the issuse of rape, I would really want to hear your opinion on what one of the characters said which is
"Can it be rape when you don't hate every seconds of it?"


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