Book Review: Sunny And The Mysteries Of Osisi.

Akata Warrior
When Lambs don’t understand something or they forget the real story of things, they replace it with fear.
Photo Taken By Me.
This sequel by Nnedi is something I actually did enjoyed while reading it. Although I'm not much of a fan of fantasy but this was enjoyable.
It all started with What Sunny saw in the flames and then this follows of which the first of the sequel was more interesting to me (Sunny getting to find out more about the Leopard World and her abilities).
The complete sequel
1st, Akata witch also known as what sunny saw in the flames.
2nd, Akata warrior also known as Sunny and the Mystery of Osisi.
•The characters weren't boring and each had what made them unique and interesting from one another.
Their dialogue on the other hand was funny, and feels so teenage like (That's if theirs words like Teenage like, winks).
It's a true representation of African Mysticism.
What are you reading this weekend?
As for me, I'm currently reading a wonderful piece 'Tomorrow died yesterday' and I might finish it this weekend if I'm not choked up.

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