Book Review: Stories Of Our Lives.

You are not alone Whether you're a man or a woman, whether you're somewhere in between or somewhere beyond; you exist. You might feel small and fragile in the face of Statutes, Laws, Caucuses, Stones, Insults, a Church-State and Family that tries to deny your existence, but you exist. You must never let them take that away.
Exist. Breathe. Love and Be Loved. Fuck. Thrive. Apologize to no one for your existence.
•THE NEST COLLECTIVE from Stories Of Our Lives.

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This is a collection of 250 individuals personal accounts of person identifying as LGBTQ in Kenya
The stories talks about love,family, friendship, religion, dreams and ambitions, struggles, pain and hardship of been an African queer cos they are said not to exist. The individuals ranging from religious, non-religious, agnostic, different backgrounds (socio-economic backgrounds).
I laughed, sympathized, cried, smiled and screamed while reading this anthology. It's a book that you could connect with the experience of most of them. One of the things I loved about reading this, is the braveness of the individuals who were able to share experience, ambitions,failures, hopes and wishes.
It's an important book that needs to read, even over and over again.

Thanks to @thisisthenest for giving us this wonderful anthology and a voice to the voiceless. It got me wishing if we could have a collection like this from Nigerians. Though I know we have an anthology 'She called me a woman'. But I want something from all sexual orientation just like this. So if you reading this and you know of a book similar to what I want, please do leave the title in the comment section.

What's your current read, cos as for me I don't know yet because I want to finish the ones I started first and had to drop due to exams.

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