Book Review: Stay With Me.

•The road stretches before us, shrouded in a darkness transitioning into dawn as it leads me back to you. Stay With Me~ Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀.
Photo taken by me.

Hello bookstagrammers, greetings. So finally I'm able to write a review after finishing this book 3weeks ago. One of the reasons was I felt I won't be able to express how I feel about this book and making it a spoilers free review.
Till date, I can't believe I DNF the first time I read it. Well, let's blame it on emotions.
I decided to read it after the discussion post by @something__bookish about the books we DNFd.

Stay with me is story that is set in the 1980s-2000s, taking us through the life of Akin and Yejide. A happily married couple in love, with the issue of childlessness. And on the path to tackle the issue (due to family and societal pressure), it resulted to taking steps and sacrifices that lead to hurting the other, betrayal and desperation. It also shows the mile a woman can go just to be able to bear a child.

The love Akin and Yejide had for each other was adorable before the child bearing became the top priority.
~On the characters aspect, I loved and admired Yejide because she was an independent lady even with the kind of family she came from. Her spirit as a lady is something I loved about her.
Also her desperation was another thing I disliked about her. It got me irritated and dropped the read back then. I was like, "Are you sure this lady is educated with the way she acted".
Then alone the line I was scared for her and her marriage. And then the pain she went through was heart-wrenching and I felt for her.
~On Akin's part I really felt sad for him and what he had to do and went through.
I was so scared he would breakdown when Yejide left, so scared that I wanted him to make a move in order to make things right between them.
Till now, am still wondering why I was so emotionally attached to him.
•On the part of both couples, ignorance was displayed between them on the aspect of genotype (I was working on the topic Genetics academically when reading this). I was like, after the first experience they would have known better but no, they didn't.
~Then I learnt the power of been versatile when it comes to learning and life situations.
I saw this read as more than just a story. I took it to real life situation and personal.
📖Stay with me is an unpredictable novel of which I love and it worth the time.
I've seen other bookstagrammers rereading it (@theothernigeriagirl and the likes of them). And I must say it's an interesting book to reread but I don't think I would have the heart to do so because it got the best of my emotion.
This book proves that @ayobamiadebayo is such a good storyteller.

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Awesome to see some book reviews here on Steemit, thanks for sharing..

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