Book Review: Silver Sparrow.

Silver Sparrow is a story of 26 chapters told in two part (POV) by two different daughters of the same father that centers around bigamy.
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While one of the daughter is known public, the other daughter is kept a secret until circumstances unveil.

I picked this beauty the day lipglossmafia on instagram wrote on her book tour day. I felt I wasn't ready enough to read a beauty like this yet and it's my first time reading such a theme, so I waited. But now, I feel I won't be able to put a review to justify this read.

This read centers on love, marriage, friendship, relationship (mother to daughter and family), assault, patriarchy, handling of kids by parents, fast learning of kids, disappointment, importance of sex education to female child.

It pictures the ugly way the society view women who leave their marriages, without them knowing the reason behind her move.

I felt more pity for Dana than Chaurisse, due to her growing up as a little girl, knowing the truth and living with it.

At some point I wished she was trained better or in other word's, different from her mum totally like in the case of defending when been hitted by a man.

Dana applying for college, reminds me the conversation I had with a friend about the fear of been reminded you are black. Also knowing the grass ain't greener the way we picture it to be.

On Raleigh, I wished to know more than what I saw about him.
I can't really say how I felt when he made his intentions known to Gwendolyn, but I wasn't comfortable with it even though it isn't legally with James. But seeing how it ended, won't it have been best for her in agreeing to his offer 🤔, well life is complicated.
I kept wondering why he choose to live the way he did when there is more to life for him outside there.

And sadly to say, Gwendolyn didn't handle the coming out story to Laverne in the best of way.

On the second part, I didn't really felt remorseful for Chaurisse.

You never really know someone until their story is been told. This is what I use in describing Laverne case.
I wasn't happy with her story of meeting James and ending up the way she did with him.

Speaking of James Witherspoon, his the definition of men will fail you las las.
Thinking of the incident with Laverne at some extent, she was on the influence of alcohol in that day.

His last conversation with Dana truly shows my despite for him.

The epilogue though, ended up in a rush.

This beauty is a reminder to value and appreciate what so ever we have because the life, is someone's else wish.
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I highly recommend this beauty to y'all.
Silver Sparrow is published in UK on 19th March 2020.
Thanks to @tayari for this wonderful beauty and to @oneworld-publications for gifting me a copy.

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