Book Review: Night Dancer.

Hello meet the book of the month for indulgent bibliophile.
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|| R E V I E W ||
Night dancer is a story in three parts which primarily revolve around three women (Ezi, Mma and Rapu).
~A story of self-discovery.

I rolled my eyes at the start of this book, not because it's boring but I would say due to the patriarchy story of which I've heard in those days.
Along the line I was really laughing my ass out.

Though the starting was slow that I actually didn't felt the need of continuing the book but curiosity kept me going and I was like, you gotta finish this.
The book, at some pages into it was so realistic (The way parents especially from the igbo culture would give replies, handle situations and issue).
Ezi repetition of words at first got me thinking if she was a anyway a stamara

I thought about those who might not really really enjoy the read due to the igbo words, though I wished it was properly written.

Mma reminds me of my childhood days, primary and even secondary school. those days I had lots of biscuits and sweets with friends but now, we don't keep in touch.
I saw how the so called marriage was important to these women, how the women also supported patriarchy by themselves.

I saw full IGNORANCE among some characters and mostly the Lokpanta people.
Also I didn't quite agree with (let's forget even if it's a novel), like when the priest was giving a story that I couldn't relate to (the Christmas and the woman not able to fetch water relating both to Christmas) 🤷🏾.

I also quote his words "We need to try to please others before trying to please ourselves".
This advice of him was so not comfortable to me, like that can't be the recipe for joy to me (NEVER).

I rolled and my eyes and hissed most times 😁😁 seriously.
I thought about Ezi decision, if I were to be the one in such situation, what would I have done? Stay OR leave.

RATING ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5.

And ohh, this read is an example of men are scum to me though 💆🏾.

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