Book Review: An American Marriage.

📖Is it love, or is it convenience?
She explained that connivence, habit, comfort, obligation- these are all things that wear the same clothing as love sometimes.
•An American Marriage.


There's a little surprising funny fact about me which is, I have never listened to audio books.
I do podcasts but audio books, No.
So I decided to try it out by opening scribd, and the first book I checked and downloaded was An American Marriage by Tayari Jones.
I had to go with this book because I remembered it making a wave on bookstagram last year.

A story about a young married couple Roy Othaniel Hamilton and Celestial Gloriana, had things turned out the ugly way for them.
Roy was convicted of a rape crime he didn’t commit. And him been black, didn't help the system in proving his not guilty, and he was sentenced to 12years in imprisonment.
Roy and Celestial made contact, keeping there while Roy was in prison. They wrote letters filled with love, hope, promises and truth. One year, two years, three years, then the connection they had decreases. And while in prison, he discovered something relating to his existence.
Things turned out different, he got out after 5 years only to find out his wife and a friend has a thing for each other. Leaving the wife, Celestial in making a difficult decision regarding whom to choose.

This book is a book I had to think about what is love and what I would do if I was in his shoes.

From my heading, do you really love the one you said you love or it's just another feeling/thing clothed in form of love?
Would your love for someone turn out to be different from what you once had for him or her due to circumstances?
Love is truely complicated I must say after reading this.
I tired to wonder what would have happened if things took a different scenario in the ending.

I felt angry at some point and sad but then I had something I did enjoyed and had me smiling which is the unfiltered and truthful letters they wrote to each other.
The story telling was great and I've been telling it too to others especially the non readers.
A read that will take you off-guard and I do recommend it.

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