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Book Blurb: An Act of Defiance.

Greetings to y'all and happy Thursday.
Writing this post actually is something I should have done since, but I've been too busy to put words together but then I heard to create time to do so because I have to express how I feel to y'all.
I was able to write a blurb of an Advance Reader's Copy of a book I received from UK, London.

My Story.
Before now, you must have known am a literature enthusiast if you've been following up. I love anything that has to deal with books.
I have a instagram account and one of the main reasons I opened the account is to share my own bookish life to the world, show out my amateur photography and connect with other book lovers too.
So far this year, it has happened to be the best year for me because I've been able to meet other book lovers that I can now call my family and friends.
I wasn't happy when I knew I won't be able to attend Akè festival with them all. So they served me photos upon photos, keeping me updated👇.

And at the end, they bought me signed copy of an award winning book 👇.

This year I started receiving ARC copies know as Advance Reader's Copy of books.

An advance reading copy, advance review copy, advance reader's edition, advance copy, or a reader's edition (ARC or ARE) is a free copy of a new book given by a publisher to booksellers, librarians, journalists, celebrities, or others, before the book is printed for mass distribution. Source

I started requesting for ARC copies of which the responses I got was nice, but I've been having issues with shipping of ths book down to Nigeria. Sometimes the book gets mixed up or gets lost in mail and I won't get to see it again.

Some individuals around me and also my friends have been saying "Uche what are you doing in science class" (Of which I'm tired of hearing this question), "you are not meant to be here", "when are you writing your own book" and "you need to start writing your own book".
I tried to remain them writing a book in Nigeria isn't what they think it is and speaking of which, I can't make a living out of it.
I try to tell them if I'm not in Nigeria I would have studied creative writing or art or photography. But then I'm in Nigeria and I can't get those here. Also I keep telling them if I'm to write, my book won't be published in Nigeria here because I don't think it would gain publicity that much remembering a very interesting book I read that is so underrated and the publishing house did nonsense to the book. In some ways, I feel @warpedpoetic pain.

I've been checking my mail box constantly to see if the books I'm expecting has arrived. But it turns out it has not and the third book I'm expecting to come after the first and second has arrived, happens to be the one I saw first.

Title: An Act of Defiance.
A book Partly-thriller & partly-romance, written by the 2010 Orange Award for New Writers winner (Irene Sabatini). To be Published in March 2020.
Photo Taken by Me.

Harare, 2000. Gabrielle is a newly-qualified lawyer, fighting for justice for a young girl.
Ben is an urbane and charismatic junior diplomat, attached to Harare with the American embassy.
With high-level pressure on Gabrielle to drop her case, and Robert Mugabe’s youth wing terrorising his political opponents as he tightens his grip on power, they begin a tentative love affair.
But when both fall victim to a shocking attack, their lives splinter across continents and their stories diverge, forcing Gabrielle on a painful journey towards self-realisation.
First talked about/posted on my Instagram
Thanks to @theindigopress (on instagram) for sending me a copy.
Copies can be pre-ordered now from the website

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