How a game of Roulette is Played

The first time you step on the flamboyant rugs in a casino, you will immediately find yourself standing in front of the game of Roulette. It’s elegance, exceptional. The rich color and flamboyant spin redefines luxury. The clear sound of the ball bouncing across the wheel fills the table with excitement. Though it is a game of simply choosing numbers, Roulette will always represent casino itself.

The Roulette always spins in the same fashion, but the ball falls differently every time making it close to impossible to predict. At times, it lands straight into your lucky number but at other times, it bounces right off your lucky number. Anyone can play but everyone can’t win. But in the instance they do, a big fortune awaits. It’s easy but hard, predictable and unpredictable at the same time. One thing for sure is that the roulette never ceases to spin. Perhaps a metaphor of life.

That was a long enough introduction. Now let’s get going with “How to Play Roulette”. Let’s start with the basic rules of roulette.

Roulette Table Layout

The roulette table has two areas, the wheel and the layout.

  1. The roulette wheel determines which number wins. A ball is dropped on the spinning wheel to land on a single winning number.

UC Casino-Roulette.png

  1. The layout is the cloth-covered betting area. Players place their chips on this area to make their bets. There are two types of roulettes and they can be differentiated by looking at the layout area. The American roulette has a 0 and 00 making it a total of 38 numbers to bet. Meanwhile, the European roulette has a single 0 making it 37 numbers to bet.

UC Casino-European-Roulette-layout-inside-bets.PNG

UC Casino-European-Roulette-layout-board-game-play.PNG

Minimum Bet Requirement

The minimum bet requirement is the amount of the single chip with the smallest value. In the image above, the minimum bet requirement will be 10. This number can be adjusted by the operators.

Types of Roulette Bets

There are two areas you can bet on the layout.

UC Casino-European-Roulette-layout-inside-and-outside-colored-explanation.png

  1. Inside bets
    Bets that are made within the single number area. There are 6 types of bets that can be done inside.

UC Casino-European-Roulette-layout-inside-bets-with-tags.png

UC Casino-Roulette-inside-bet-description-and-pay off.PNG

  1. Outside bets
    Bets that are made outside of the single number area. There are 5 types of bets that can be done outside.

UC Casino-European-Roulette-layout-outside-bets-with-tags.png

UC Casino-Roulette-outside-bet-description-and-pay off.PNG

Here is a handy video to know all the types of bets in the game of Roulette.

Betting Procedure

  1. Place your bets on the layout before the timer is over. Use the undo or rebet button to easily do or undo bets. Once the dealers says “No more bets.”, bets cannot be made.
  2. Fingers crossed. Watch the wheel spin as the ball spins the opposite direction to fall on a single number.
  3. The dealer will automatically calculate your wins and deliver it to you.

Hope this basic article helps as it is the basics of playing a game of roulette. The calculation of the payouts and winning tips will be handled in a separate article.

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