3 Simple Rules for a safe Baccarat life

Winning in a game of casino is always not the problem. The real problem happens when a player doesn’t know when to stop and ends up losing most of the bankroll. Here, we will share the 3 biggest rules to follow for a safe and long life in the game of Baccarat.


Rule 1. Limit your daily betting amount and do stop when you reach it.

For example if you have chosen $1000 as your betting limit for the day, make sure you do stop when you have bet $1000 in total.

Many strategies tell you to end your game once you win a certain amount, say $1000 in a day. This limit totally depends on how much you win in that day, thus it’s not absolute and may last for a long time. No matter how much you win or lose, you should limit your daily bet based on an amount that is independent of a win or loss.

An ideal amount for a daily betting amount is 10% of your total bankroll. If your bankroll is $1000, this means you should limit your daily betting amount to $100. This ensures your bankroll from depleting while you play with you “skills” of that day. As you play day by day, it is more likely you will develop confidence and skills from the experience you pile up every day.


Rule 2. Max 3 times of “Play 30 minutes, rest 30minutes.” for each day.

Betting for 30 minutes straight is actually tough to do considering the fact that each round of Baccarat ends within 20 seconds. This is an average of 90 bets per 30 minutes. Once you follow the continuous rounds of Baccarat you will not have any time to go over your previous bets and analyze what was done right or wrong.

If you give it 30 minutes between each 30 minute playing session, you will realize that you have a completely different mindset compared to if you had played continuously to that time. Take some water, a thing to eat, take a smoke break and give your brain and hands some time to neutralize. Also your temptation to win grows bigger and bigger every second you are sitting in front of the game table and this gradually blurs your judgment.

Some professional Baccarat players are known to take an hour or even 3 between sessions. Resting is very important to have a fresh concentration.


Rule 3. Profit depends on the ‘line’ and ‘bet control’.

There are many ways to make a profit in Baccarat. You will know best if you have tried system betting or various strategies. However what makes the biggest difference is when you read the ‘line’ on the score board. Then the overall profit depends on controlling your bet amount.

So the key is the read the ‘line’ and controlling your bet amount.

1) Always enter a table that has no 6 continuous winning streak regardless of it being from the banker or player side.
2) Choosing Player or Banker
When you enter the game, you can see the total sum of bets made on either player or banker. It is best to bet on side that have a bigger sum. However make sure the total sum of these bets are over 50 times the minimum bet amount of that table.
3) Controlling your bet amount.
This is key to making the most profit from your bankroll. Start betting 5% of the total daily bet amount you have chosen from rule 1 on each round.

For example, if your bank roll is $10,000 and your daily betting limit is $1000, make a bet of $50 each time or less.

The reason to this limit is that if you make bets that are too big compared to your daily limit, you will not be able to play enough games to assure a profit. Every game in a casino has its rate of user pay back or house edge. This probability is calculated under the circumstances that enough games were played. So in order to play it safer, it is important to play a sufficient amount with the limited bankroll you have.

Another important part here is to only bet on either Player or Banker. Baccarat has a very low chance of winning in ties, making it a really bad bet. Also make sure to take a rest for a few rounds after the dealer has changed or the cards have been shuffled.

UC Casino Baccarat scoreboard.PNG

So the simple 3 rules go like this.

Rule 1. Limit your daily bet amount and make sure to stop when you reach that limit.
Rule 2. Repeat “play 30 minutes, rest 30 minutes” for a max of 3 times a day.
Rule 3. Profit occurs from reading the ‘line’ and ‘controlling the bet amount’.

  1. Do not enter tables with a 6 continuous wins by either player or banker.
  2. Look at the total bet amount for the player and banker.
  3. Control your betting amount for each round proportionately to your daily limit.

Hope these rules help you with a long and fun voyage in the game of Baccarat.

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