#52: Interview | Dalton Durst | UBports: From Pause to Drop to Launch to Now


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Interview | Dalton Durst | UBports: From Pause to Drop to Launch to Now

In this episode:

Note: We apologize for some audio 'blips' in this episode as there were some technical issues during recording.

  • Guess the guest: "Super" Special @UniversalSuperBox
  • Guest says "ubuntu is OK"
  • Dalton "Swayze" Durst (Road House)
  • Dalton's Hobbies: Radio "Case Modding" , Gaming, Saxaphoning
  • #1 software Development Term: "It depends"
  • On commitment: verson control, github, etc.
  • Nexus 4 microphone bug - possible for you to fix (key point of Ubuntu Touch)
  • @myii - says use verson control even if no one cares, for the practice

Dalton's Tech Journey meets UBports:

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