#48: Outside the Law | Ubuntu Touch Audiocast


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Wayne (out there) & Joe (in here) discuss how 'real life' hits our 'free software life', how things can get complicated and... batman!

In this episode:

  • We don't need more cowbell, we need more intensity!
  • Wayne reflects on the natural tendency away from simplicity towards complication: ie. Explosions of Laws and Ordinances in Cultures
  • Joe shows how bloatware can happen, and Fluffy Chat is a good case study of 'willful simplicity'.
  • Joe and Wayne challenge the Fluffy Moves (just because)...
  • Vigilante - the new name for Ubuntu Tweak Tool?
  • An Awakening: Wayne understands Will.
  • Why do developers and contributors go MIA in free software?
  • Ubuntu Touch Audiocast Episode 27 where Wayne/Joe discuss money versus free software
  • Wayne vs Wayne
  • In this episode of his audiocast, 'Other Wayne' starts reviewing Ubuntu Touch (Ubuntu Touch part starts around 15 minutes in).
  • In this detailed blog post Kevin reviews Ubuntu Touch.
  • How would these two reviews have been different if the authors were first involved in the community?
  • Wayne finds amazing Yunohost self-hosting project through the UBports community and sought and found their Matrix Community group
  • Wayne also found Taler "A libre Paypal" - which seems to only have a mailing list for 'community communications'.
  • With Yunohost Wayne is rollin', but with Taler, Wayne is stallin'.
  • Is UBports a 'central hub' to feeding other free software projects because it's so vibrant?
  • Want to join that 'free software small business Telegram group' Wayne was talking about? Ask @wayneoutthere to add you (they seem not to have a public invite link)
  • From Wayne (out there) and Joe (Oliver) is a warm GIIIIIT!!
  • Action Items

  • See how much time you can find every week to contribute to UBports. Locate the time(s) on your schedule.

  • Visualize where you would be most helpful to a project like UBports. Where are you most effective? Programming? Spreading the word? Doing presentations? Raising money? Bug reporting?

  • Discuss this Ubuntu Touch Audiocast episode in the Forum right now (before you forget or your passion fades).

  • Send us a word of feedback (good or bad)! We would love to hear from you: wayne@ubports.com , joe@ubports.com
  • https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/48-outside-the-law-231

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