Steem Promotion 📣|| Production/Printing of promo-steem calendar as a Means of Promoting steem/steemit || And Successfully joined #club5050

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are doing great out there? Because I am. I have good news for you all here in, @steemitblog, and the steemit world as a whole.
Every day is for steemit promotion for me and so this time I didn’t just relax today but I embark on completing what I started. What is that? Oh! I forgot, I already put it as the topic of this article, so now you know. Yeah, it is the printing of the innovation which I came up with six days ago - PROMO-STEEM CALENDAR/STEEMIT CALENDAR. The printing was successful. And I also shared it with a few friends.

IMG_20211026_153945_5.jpg It's my pleasure to present to you our new calendar!

It’s good progress in the promotional activities of this great blockchain Known as steem. Making this calendar available will help in the promotion process and as such extend a huge impact that we can’t imagine.
Every day we do business, and our good clients or customers deserve to be appreciated, giving them a gift like this will show our sincere appreciation for their patronage. And that would also expose this brand in a good way which is our main aim. Steemit has come to stay and it wouldn’t be wise for many to miss it.

posss 2.jpg
Finished work of our new calendar

Backup_of_CALEN 4 cus.png


It will interest you to know that many steemians like @eliany,@goodybest, @ddwosky, @ngoenyi, and many other steemians have already indicated interest to have at least some copies for their customers and also for themselves. Having a copy or more of this in our homes, place of work or shops will help promote steem. This will help pass a good message about steemit.


Isn't it nice😍?

The point is that whenever folks who don’t have any idea about steemit enter your office, home, or place of work and see this attractive calendar they will want to know more about steemit. That should be a good time to explain this to potential newbies. such happened today actually as Mr. Valantine came to my graphic shop today, he likes the calendar and he also asked me about what steemit is all about, I was glad to explain to him and I am ready and willing to explain details about steemit to anybody with any inquiries they want to know about steemit.


Explaining steemit to Mr.Valantine after he saw the calendar displayed in my shop


The calendar is of two types, the one with a user picture and the one without a user picture. Both are nice and attractive. Both are made up of the same dimension which is 3 by 4(Feet). The calendar with the user's picture could be placed at a steemian's office, Home, or Shops, but the one without that feature can be given to customers, clients, or friends as a gift. All this aims at promoting semit.


How iow it started with a modern simple design

IMG_20211026_170732_180.jpg How it is going. Giving out the calendar as a gift to my good friend who sells phones Accessories






The main aim of printing this is for promotional purposes, please feel free to order for your customize Steemit calendar. This is my little way of promoting steemit and I will continue to print this calendar to share with my customers while advertising steemit. My aim is to make sure that people around me know about steemit. They need to know. And may I use this medium to encourage all steemians to join #club5050, you can read about mine through this link.

Best regards


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This is huge! Amazing calendar! Please I need one in my office. How can it get to me?

27.10.2021 08:06

Thank you very much Ma @ngoenyi.I will send one to you through @eliany. But please can i know which type you need?, is it the one with user's picture or without?, if it is the one with picture , then i will need your photo to customize that.Thank you very much once again for supporting.

27.10.2021 08:23

The one with users picture will be fine

27.10.2021 08:29

Alright Ma, Roger that.

27.10.2021 08:47

This is beautiful ❤️ @ubongudofot! I will be communicated with you how I want mine!

27.10.2021 08:40

Thank you very much , No problem.I'll be expecting your directives.

27.10.2021 09:04

This is really nice. Weldon dear

27.10.2021 08:48

I am grateful.Thank you very much.

27.10.2021 09:06

This is creativity in the making I love what I’m seeing well done @ubongudofot

27.10.2021 09:04

Thank you very much for appreciating my creativity, i am grateful.

27.10.2021 09:10

You’re welcome

28.10.2021 09:15

Nice Idea. i just planning to do that. wow super..
BTW, you just killed the #steemit logo. it's not a steemit logo. and u just killed the #promo-steem logo. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

and u have a mistake in @stephenkendal, not @stephendal..

27.10.2021 09:25

Thanks for your contribution and what you just point out.There is always room for improvement, i'll correct that.Thanks @podanrj

27.10.2021 09:35

happy to help.

27.10.2021 09:40

That's why we are team.

27.10.2021 09:49

Really good job. Very well posted. I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share your post on Twitter social media to promote.



28.10.2021 05:04

Thank you very much @msharif, your good example of promotion in this platform will never go unotice.Thank you for always reaching out and thanks for appreciating my content.

28.10.2021 05:10

This is beautiful bro. Your efforts in promoting steemit is highly commendable, keep it up.

28.10.2021 16:06

Thanks, bro.

28.10.2021 16:09

You are welcome

28.10.2021 17:37