My Power-Up|| I just power up 60 steem ||Joining #club5050 today ,13-11-2021|| 10% payout to @steemkidss || By @ubongudofot

Hello Family,

Hope you all are enjoying your day? I am doing good right here because I would be attaining a friend’s wedding, it’s a day I have been waiting for. But before going out for the wedding, I decided to do power up in other to be confirmed in club 5050. In this article, I am not writing on any contest but to talk about my power up and also encourage other folks to keep powering up in support of club 5050. I am glad to come up again with beautiful content that will be of encouragement to members of our @steemkidss great community. It’s a power-up folks. I just did my power up again today because I notice that I still have some lapses or some percentage to complete the amount of steem that will help me join club5050.

MY STEEMKID POST PIC.pngPicture made by me with Corel Draw X7

I thought I was already in club5050 due to how much steem I have been powering up, but when I attended one online tutorial organized by @eliany, I discovered that I still needed to power up more to qualify and also use that tag club5050. She introduces and coach me on how to use effectively. And it was through there I discovered that I still need more power-ups, about 60 more steem in other to qualify for club5050.
Powering up is a continuous process for me. Because it is for my good.
So below was the process I used to power up my steem. The amount I power-up is 60 steem which is going to make me hit 167 SP. That amount might be small in my SP today, but tomorrow, it can be big, because I am not giving up on powering up. This is a little achievement but it is better than none. This is my little way of supporting power up and of course supporting club5050.


  • After checking my status using, I noted the amount of steem I needed to power up which is 60 steem, I proceeded with the steps below
  • Then, I log on to the steemit platform website on my browser.
  • I log in to my steemit wallet account
  • I clicked on my steem balance.
  • Next, I select power up and I typed in the amount I want to power up which was 60 steem on the space box provided.
  • I copied my active key from the Pdf that contains all the keys and I paste it where it was requested in other to proceed.
    And the process was successful.



Org 1.png
My status before I power up

Screenshot_20211113-122157_1.jpgMy wallet before I power up

Screenshot_20211113-122509_1.jpgConverting to steem power

Screenshot_20211113-122538_2.pngConverting transfer to vesting



My Wallet after power up


Screenshot_20211113-123359_1.jpgCheck out my Status with after Powering up


Power up is good for all of us. Joining club5050 is for a better future in the steemit platform. We are indeed planting today, but we would harvest tomorrow with even a brighter one. We all need good votes, think about If we all power up, that means, we would be able to vote for other steemians with good votes. Right? yeah, that’s right. And also Powering up is simply helping us to save more for the future. This is the aim of #club5050. And that’s why I have decided to do the needful today in other to join this new initiative. In less than one month I have succeeded in powering up 127.791 Steem against 126 seems that I cash outsome weeks ago. I have joined #club5050, please you should join too. Thanks.


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You so really great for powering up successfully to join the club congratulations

13.11.2021 17:49

Thank you very much, I'm grateful.

13.11.2021 18:13

Yes, it is good to power up and joining club5050 is a beautiful thing to do.

13.11.2021 20:40

Thank you very much.

13.11.2021 21:33

Thank you for taking the initiative to be part of the # club5050, I congratulate @eliany for guiding you. I wish you great success on the platform and in the community. Thanks for your contribution. Greetings with affection from Venezuela.

14.11.2021 04:23

I am so grateful, thank you very much.

14.11.2021 05:36

It's more encouraging that you get to join the club💃.. welcome to the team bro🤝

14.11.2021 14:53

Thank you very much🤗

14.11.2021 15:29

You're welcome

14.11.2021 15:33